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Our wine portfolio is designed to ensure that you enjoy the very best the Old and New World has to offer. Consequently our portfolio is structured to complement the uniqueness of all the local and contemporary culinary creations. Not only does this mean that all the worlds various wine growing regions and indigenous grape varieties are represented, but we make it the hallmark of our ‘cellar’ that a wine only earns inclusion if it reflects genuine authenticity, a distinctive personality and a true sense of place or ‘terroir’. One of the primary objectives of our portfolio is to showcase the world’s emerging icons as well as to reveal some of its best-kept viticultural secrets. If our selection has a distinctive character, it is that it’s both classic and contemporary. Modern-day pioneers determined to reinvent the glories of the past most definitely have a place in our collection.

Although WINE is our main focus, out hearts are close to most things food & beverage. Our liquor portfolio is nothing short of substantial and diverse and no glass of fine scotch is complete without a hand rolled Habano. Therefore we ask you to also explore our tobacco, glassware and accessories portfolios.

We like to compare ourselves to the humble grape … COLOURFUL, DIVERSE & able to create GREATNESS

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Our Mission

Our main objective is to supply the best quality product at a consistent availability at the best possible rate. Our strengths lie in staff education, product sourcing and combined F&B experience in the Maldives market. Resorts that choose to work in joint venture with us, truly gain magnificent rewards. Our services in joint venture agreements vary from infrastructure investment, WSET / IBA certification and overseas trips to Europe and South Africa to mention but a few. Evolving with the market is very important and our staffs’ combined experience puts us at the forefront in the Maldives alcohol distribution business.

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Always Moving FORWARD

We have been in the Maldives alcohol supply business since 2003 and currently import wines from 17 different wine producing countries. Our holding stock of wines & liquor exceed 300 000 bottles and have more than 50 containers space in the local bonded warehouse, all of which are insulated and temperature controlled. We purchase 99% of our wines directly from the producers and no third parties are involved. Commercial liquor brands are sourced from trusted wholesalers across the globe.

Grape Expectations supply all resorts in Maldives that have a wine/bar operation in place and supply more than 20 resorts with between 75-100% exclusivity. We are # 1 in training with a qualified sommelier and mixologist employed full time. WSET and IBA certified courses are provided throughout the year. IBA courses are conducted in conjunction with the ABSS in Singapore.

Events & Tours

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Minimum twice a year we arrange a ‘wine experience’ at a resort close to Male that include tutored tastings by winemakers / brand ambassadors and a degustation dinner often follows. These are great opportunities to relax, learn more about wine and get to know other professionals in the Maldives resort market.

At least once a year we conduct our F&B tours to Europe where we experience and learn about F&B related products such as wine, beer, liquor, grappa, parmesan, cured meats, olive oil and much more!

We host ‘winemaker / brand ambassador dinners’ throughout the year and try to arrange at least 4 per annum. Notable guests have included Monsieur Jean Jacques Cattier, Philippe Guigal, Antonella Nonino, Alessio Planeta, Ales Kristancic, Christian Ress, Eduardo Muga, Francine Picard and Silvia Franco.

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We have hosted Level 1, 2 and Level 3 Wine & Spirits courses in Maldives since July 2013.

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust, often referred to as WSET, is a British organization that arranges courses and exams in the field of wine and spirits. WSET was founded in 1969, is headquartered in London and is generally regarded as the world’s leading provider of wine education. The courses given by WSET were originally intended for people in the wine & spirit trade.

Grape Expectations is an Approved Program Provider (APP) and our first Level 2 courses were offered in July 2013. In April 2014 we also conducted our first Level 3 course with an outsourced tutor from London.

We host courses in a venue close to Male and also offer exclusive courses for individual resorts with only their staff. We follow the ASIA guideline set out for WSET that is different to the European guidelines. It includes almost double the amount of hours (33) and tasting samples (47).

We proudly consider ourselves the forerunners in WSET education in Maldives.


The ‘Association of Bartenders, Singapore’ as it was previously known, officially registered in 1987. In its first year, it already became involved in the international scence and in December of the same year, Mr Jason Long, the first President of the association, accompanied by Mr Derrick Lee, Honorary Secretary, attended the IBA Congress in Rome, Italy. The ABS was formally accepted by the International Bartenders Association whose President then was Mr Michel Bigot.

In 2007 it officially became knows as ‘Association of Bartenders and Sommeliers Singapore’.

Grape Expectations have started working closely with the ABSS in 2015 to offer IBA certified courses in Malidves and we have every intention to keep on growing this service.

Our Standard Training

Our entire training team offers their respective training programs to resorts and safari boats and Grape Expectations have been conducting these trainings since March 2010. The most important aspect of our program is to understand what the market requires in terms of basic and advanced training and with 5 years experience, we would gladly say no other local establishment can match our wine, bar and cigar programs.

Contact LuAndre Volschenck (Wine) and Don Sheehan (Bar) for more info at info@grapeexpectations.com.mv


Lagoon Tasting anyone?

How can one not want to host an event like this? Ideal, flawless and quite frankly speaking, the quintessential location. Where else in the world than Maldives?